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    Has anyone else had any issues or know anyone at Scare Factory that can help me get a finished product? I have had such a terrible experience with this company. I paid for two props, a hearse and Granny/wolf prop, in full, plus shipping, back at the end of January of this year. I paid nearly $18,000 with this company for these two items. I met these guys down at HAA show and they stated they were working on getting me the best product possible.
    On the hearse, I became worried around September when I never heard anything, and started calling them to see how long it would take. No one would provide me with an answer – just transferred to someone else or voicemail. Several weeks later - around the end of September, I gave them an ultimatum to either refund my money or provide the product. This was the only time I received a call back from the company - where they assured me it would be 7 days to finish and 7 days to ship. They stated I would have it the first week of October. They did finally deliver the product on the 19th of October.
    I was happy – Until I went to try the product out. The product was missing several items. There was no strobe – no fogger. They do not even have an outlet to plug into to run them. The product runs off air tanks – where they set aside a place to hold them. The size they recommended and are applicable for this prop – will not fit. I also had to wire in my own speakers for sound.
    On the Granny/Wolf prop there were several issues as well. The hand was torn from them trying to ship the piece inside of the hearse. There were not any speakers included and the sound card was inaccurate to the prop, giving a moan instead of anything that would pertain to the piece. I also had to purchase several other pieces from another vendor (thank god he was there to help and answer my call) to actually have this prop work. They have to overnight these to me and I have to install them. I still don’t know if this piece is going to work.
    To top it off – I paid for a large shipping bill in this endeavor where they assured me it would be sent in a fedex pup truck so these props would not be damaged by weather. It was shipped on a drop-deck trailer with no protection from the weather. The inside of the hearse was wet – some of the new pieces installed are already showing signs of rust.
    I can’t get a callback to have them to do right by me for spending my money with them. I am turning to the better business bureau to help me, hopefully, to get something back. I know I have learned my lesson with Scare Factory. If anyone knows how to deal with them, I would appreciate the help.

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    Sorry you are going through this brother. All this trouble in the haunt industry is unfathomable! I don't know where these companies get off scamming people like this but it is inexcusable!