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Two idess: Drop Portraits, and Cracked Glass

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  • Two idess: Drop Portraits, and Cracked Glass

    These passed months I worked at the Darkness. Although I am no longer there, while I was helping to build a booth for a trade show, I met Bobby. Bobby, like most of the guys there, were very talented workers. He is extremely smart when it comes to computers and building them, if you need IT work I recommend asking for him.
    Anyone that knows me, or spends time talking to me, knows that I come up with ideas for all things not just haunts. When I talked to Bobby during a lunch break we came up with the following two idea:
    First, the double scare drop window. At first, it wonít make sense to use this but later you might like to. Bobby and I talked about the failing drop portraits. They keep breaking and being fixed wrong, only to break again.
    My mind struck a chord with the way people in groups get to see the portraits. The actor (letís assume these are actor controlled and not pneumatic), waits until the second or third person to pass before the portrait drops and slams down for the scare. It would be nice to scare the first couple of people and then again hit the last people too. So, The picture that drops could be made of an elastic material like spandex. Instead of one stretched sheet, there would be two halves, painted to look like a portrait. It would work like this: The first few people would be scared with the drop portrait. The last few people knowing the portrait drops, will be scared by the actor coming through the painting. The actor can reach through (arm and head) the stretchy fabric. What would make this idea even better would be to have the painted portrait of the actor reaching out to grab you.
    The second Idea I had was when Bobby was cutting some plexyglass.
    Magicians have ways to make cracks in glass suddenly vanish while under cover. This is normally done by sliding the glass through a wall. No one sees the glass moving. I thought it would be nice to have a crack, in glass, heal itself. For those magicians out there, you might like this. Bobby and I (after hours Larry-I know your reading this) took two pieces and taped the bottom. After dropping some water in between them we held them up. It looked like one sheet of glass with a crack running through it. When I squeezed the two together, the crack moved to the top and disappeared into the air. It was funny the way the crack (actually the water line) moved up, it snaked like a special effect.
    I donít know how useful this would be in a haunt, maybe the guy introducing the haunt could motion to a cracked window and it would fix itself as if the haunt was somehow magic. Or, like in the Darkness, the sake cages and fish tank could heal themselves. Hell, this idea might even work in reverse, showing a clear glass window suddenly crack.
    If your interested in windows breaking and cracking I would first suggest experimenting with those projectors first. Also, a cracked sheet of plexi in front of a light projected onto another glass might also work.
    Hope these ideas spark something creative in your minds. Thatís the only reason I post them here.

    ~The Imagineer~

    Andrew de Ruiter

    Download part 1 of Andrew's Black Book of ideas for haunts here: