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Bubbling and morphing flesh:

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  • Bubbling and morphing flesh:

    Bubbling and morphing flesh:
    I cannot take credit for this video. It aired I saw it, something in my brain said cool, that would make a great prop. So, The videos are not mine, they are to show you that this might work with some tinkering.
    The concept:
    -You near a dark corner, the sounds of medial machines fill your ears. As you enter the hospital room there is a patient on the surgical bed. He is mostly dead. His gown is torn and arm moving while his head motions about. As you walk around him you see his flesh bubbling and morphing grotesquely. This leaves an image in your brain that will not be unseen.
    -Too dramatic?
    This might work like this:
    On youtube, there are lots of videos showing the bouncing fluid on a speaker. For example:
    This video shows that corn starch and water mixed together create a nice liquid that reacts well to vibrations. Now, anything reacts to vibration, but this triggered a parallel in my brain. Why not stick those speakers inside a prop-body and add this liquid? Sounds about right, so I drew up this drawing:


    It shows a body with tiny speakers in it to create the vibrations needed to make ‘dancing pudding.’ Now, since the speakers in arms will be way too small, I think/hope you can cut open a long part of his arm and make it look like a wound. Under this wound are rows of tiny speakers. Inside the wound, is our corn starch and water mixture. Connect all the arm speakers to the same sound and this might just work.
    As for the rest of the man’s body, just use regular speakers. Cover them with plastic, black will give the illusion of depth when activated. Surround the speaker with latex (or whatever you guys build bodies out of).
    Now, once prepared, you can make this cornstarch and water flesh colored (unless you have an iron deficiency in which case you already have it at flesh color). Just add food coloring. The following video shows the different colors (including a blood red) and various materials that can be used.
    I hope this idea sparks some creative ‘juices flowing’ in your haunted heads.

    ~The Imagineer~

    Andrew de Ruiter

    Download part 1 of Andrew's Black Book of ideas for haunts here: