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    Setting up a zip line this year - trying to have the actor "fly" over patrons head down a hall just kind of going from wall to wall in the "superman" position. I have the cable all set up - and just curious what kind of harnesses you guys have used with luck - I see the superman harnesses on sites, that is more like a sling the actor would lay in, but they seem rather big and bulky - anyone have any suggestions ?
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    Always buy from a company who specializes in flying harnesses for actors. climbing and fsall protection harnesses are just meant for different stresses and can be very uncomfortable. here is a good harness company.


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      Wall Runner

      We used climbing gear for a few years on what we called our wall runner - The setup was a 20 foot metal cable stretched between two steel beams that were about 4 inches off the way, we used climbing pulleys with ball bearings that sat on the cable, then we had two slings that connected to the pulleys - One sling went around the actors waist, and one went under their arms - The slings were wide and padded, and actually very comfortable to be in all night.

      This setup allowed our actor to actually run along the wall just over our guests heads - It was one of the best scares we have ever had, we had whole groups falling to the floor. It was a scare that got the big guys that weren't scared by anything else - I know I have video of it somewhere, if I can find it i'll post some.


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        Wall Crawler Pics

        I couldn't find video right off hand but here are some pics - The first two pics were the trial run with climbing rope but it stretched to much so we switched to the metal cable seen in the last two pics.
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          thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it - I suppose I'll have to shell out the cash on that 3 point from zfx - I'd say in this case safe is definitely better than sorry.
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            If anything were to happen, knowing you had the right product for the job goes a long way.
            Allen H


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              We sell a certified harness called the eco prone harness with safety D rings.
              They are rather large, but that helps provide more comfort for the actor.
              We started carrying them when we did a track system install for Silverwood theme park in 2010.
              If you want more info, pm me, email, facebook whatever. I can get you more info.
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