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Need advice on how to act possessed for this year's haunt season

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  • Need advice on how to act possessed for this year's haunt season

    This is my third year as a scare actor in a haunt and this year I am portraying a sick possessed girl. I've done a bunch of research to try and at least find some behaviors I can mimick or some kind of tag line but I can't find anything. If you genius' could help me out I'd be forever happy. Please and thank you! :]

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    Some quick possession tips off the top of my head:
    • Speak in multiple voices/tones/accents/volumes. Don't be erradic, but maybe show the demon speaking as the girl, and the demon speaking as the demon.
    • Create controlled chaos in your movement. bring your energy from 1 to 10 then 0 followed by an 11 that slaps people in the face! The trick here is to seem unnatural, like… (bum bum baaaaa) a demon is in control.
    • Think of interesting twitches, adopt one, and then take it over the top. Clicking your teeth, playing with your hair, twirling your tongue in moments of silence, a wrist or finger that seems to be unable to rest… Don't take all of them, just pick something to carry as an underlying note of demonic creepiness.
    • If language isn't an issue, the demonicly possesed tend to have a touch of poetic potty mouth syndrome. Put some curse words together with begnign phrases and say it with conviction. Thats IF you can get away with it.

    I might be able to think of some others but this is just what came to mind

    Hope it helps.


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      Thank you so so so so much I really appreciate it!!


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        OOH I LOVE ACTING POSESSED! My friends got this weird "ghost finder" app on their phone and it said there was a ghost directly on me then they thought I was possessed so I acted possessed it was fun. I just threw a spasm and smiled at them and started screaming "it burns it burns!" Like from Exorcist. That movies scary.
        - Ethan Hall, EEK Productions Owner/Operator