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Sliding... in the woods?

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  • Sliding... in the woods?

    Hey there everyone!

    So I have been tearing it up out at my haunt and I have taken a huge love towards sliding.

    But there's a problem. There is no concrete. I am out in the woods and the whole haunt is out in a field. Are there any good knee pads that wont slide down my leg and make sliding a bit easier for dirt, grass, and leaves? Its super fun and very effective.

    The first weekend I managed to burn through my pants on the right knee and also created some nice friction burns and scratches on my legs. I upgraded to jeans instead of cloth, but still, I want some more protection when Im charging and sliding at the feet of our helpless customers. Sliding knee pads are a huge pain and cause some pain too.

    Any suggestions guys?

    Thanks !
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    Paintball gear is built for sliding on dirt and grass and holds up pretty well. Most of the paintball pants have built in knee pads, but there are knee pads made just for the sport that are comfortable as well...

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      Sliding in the woods

      I`ve been sliding on grass and in the woods for two years now and one thing i found makes it easier to slide is wet ground. Also talk to the owners, ask if there is a possibility of laying down mulch which is a very affective sliding aid. Also look into skate boarding knee pads which are built for sliding across concrete without budging


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        I agree with 870Haunter, as a avid paintballer I would recommend both knee/shin pads plus forearm pads if you like to crawl as well as slide. ANSGEAR.COM always has good deals on closeout items and pads are frequently added. Look for empire, planet eclipse, valken, GI sportz. Message me if you have questions.

        I wear both Knee/shin and forearm pads.


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          has this happened

          What happens if you are sliding in these areas and run a stick into your leg, etc....... Isn't this hazardous for the actors?