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Hallow Screams Seeking Indianapolis, IN farm to hold haunt in 2014!

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  • Hallow Screams Seeking Indianapolis, IN farm to hold haunt in 2014!

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Will Zettler. I have had a dream to do a haunted house of my own since about age 9. I'm 43 now and have been collecting props over the last 20 years off and on and now have some $25,000 worth of haunted props plus I make a lot of my own stuff, including but not limited to LED prop eyes, fake blood etc... I have worked in several haunted houses since about age 11 when I first worked in a school haunted house. I will be opening my own haunted house in September, 2016 when we find a farm we like here in the Central Indiana area. Currently we live in a area that does not allow home haunts or the such, so we make our own props and videos to sell to help us save money for the event and buy new props for what we need. BTW, I'm not going to ask for a loan, I enjoy being as debt free as possible and our haunt will be the same way.

    My question is: Is there anyone near Indianapolis, IN that would like to talk about doing a haunt together? I have the props and the know how, if you or someone else can supply the location and insurance, we can work out a payment option for both of us and we will cover the help for the event as well as all the advertising. We have the web site already at and our props side is at if you want to check it out. We will talk about the money and how to best split it. We would consider changing the name but we already have it publicly known as Hallow Screams, so changing the name wouldn't be an option. We would run the web site and maintain all the sales as my wife would do the tickets and I would manage the online tickets through Eventbrite as needed for the event.

    I can provide you layout drawings for the haunts and how I was wanting to put it together. I wanted to put 2 indoor haunts and a corn maze together. If your interested, please let us know, our details are below or message us back here with questions. I'm very serious about this plan if anyone is wanting to jump start our haunt career with this idea, we are open to suggestions and ideas. Thanks for your time, email or write us if your interested.

    About HSE: We are a small haunt prop company run out of our home and located in central Indiana that sells props from DVDs, to Audio CDs and is working towards opening the biggest and best haunted event in central Indiana. With over $25,000 in props so far, we are striving to be the best haunt experience in the country. We started doing haunt props and CDs/DVDs to sell during the October, 2003 season. The props are made by myself and my wife, Karen and all funds raised goes towards helping us fund our coming haunted event that is scheduled to launch in Sept, 2016 here in Indiana. We provide props to both pro and home haunters as well as those just wanting a prop or two for their home during the haunt season. Hallow Screams is our coming haunt event, and Hallow Screams Entertainment is our props company side. Will Zettler has been in the haunt business since age 11 when he worked in several school haunts, as the years progressed, he worked in other haunts including Knott's Berry Farm's Halloween Haunt event for 3 years as well as at Scream Haunted House in St Louis, MO and many local fundraising haunted houses in California and St Louis, MO.
    Will Zettler
    Indianapolis, IN
    Hallow Screams Haunted Farm
    Hallow Screams Entertainment
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