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please just look thats all I ask !

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  • please just look thats all I ask !

    If you are looking for that haunt prop , mask or creature for your haunt we can deliver.. Just take a look at what we can do and call us . We will go 100% on producing for you something original and very cool. 928 205 8708

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    Those are some great pieces!!! What are some of the prices on these?
    I'm doing an all Lovecraft theme this year and some of this would fit in. I usually do most of my own sculpting and molding work, but I can see me running short on time with all the stuff I want to get done this year.
    Louis Brown
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      Hey Lurker, pretty much every piece there was created for a haunt prop company called hazard room can contact them for the pieces you see here . warlord studios is primarily producing for produces as a mainstay but we will take on some custom work, we would work directly with you designing just the right props ,, masks etc. that would fit your haunt perfectly.. my number 928 205 8708 .Hazard room will also be attending trans world this year so if you can go take a look.