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Breaking News: Larry Kirchner Gets Engaged!!

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  • Breaking News: Larry Kirchner Gets Engaged!!


    Breaking News!

    After many years living in secret, Larry Kirchner has come out of the closet and has expressed his love to his long time lover Scott "Tater" Lynd. They plan on getting married this Halloween season in San Fransisco and will be consummating their relationship during their honeymoon in Salem, Massachusetts. While Larry and Scott spend their fantasy honeymoon in Salem, Leonard Pickel will be taking over Halloween Productions. Halloween Productions will soon be known as Pickel Productions and will offer the most realistic dildos you've ever seen.

    This shocking news has created an uproar in the haunt industry and has caused many well known industry professionals to reveal deep dark secrets.

    Shane Dabbs of Disturbia Haunted House has admitted to having a third testicle he calls Timmy.

    Ben Armstrong of Nethworld Haunted House will soon be getting a sex change and will be known as Betty Armstrong.

    Jim Warfield of Raven's Grinn Inn never existed and was only a character dreamed up by Ed Edmunds of Distortions Unlimited

    The haunt industry will never be the same. Please visit for more information.

    Spooky Wishes

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    Is it April already?



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      Last year I think he sold Hauntworld or was it the Darkness. for the very best items on the net.


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        Great one Noah! If this stays up I will laugh my ass off! Haha! Leonard and his line of pickles! hahaha! All of that was hilarious!
        Damon Carson


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          Yes its true I got engaged to a Shane Dabs after seeing Taters drink urine I had second thoughts and backed out. Larry
          Larry Kirchner


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            Ravens Grin Temporarily Closed...

            In a strange accident after many snow storms and many cancelled nights due to bad weather at the Ravens Grin Inn in Mt Carrol Illinois. A large truck hauling a load of animal feces collided with a garbage truck making its rounds at no other than Jims haunted house. Looks like Jim will be doing more shoveling this spring only this time it wont be snow! Please call for times for dates of operation! Sorry to hear about the bad news jim!
            Damon Carson