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Doing it too well? Or not good enough?

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  • Doing it too well? Or not good enough?

    Entertaining people. I have had so many people return to go through Ravens Grin after having been here once ten years ago. Or 12, or 15 or 18 years ago.
    I am perplexed. Did I over-dose them with my show? They didn't require another "fix" till all of those years had passed?
    Or the totally negative answer:They really didn't care for it, but returned out of curiosity?
    I guess I might have been succesful in one way, they didn't forget it and remembered where to find me years later,and they did come back.

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    Well a huge thing for you is your schedule! And you've been on a million tv shows, although not as many recently, but you're talked about nationally and maybe those people aren't in your part of the country that often?? I look forward to being able to come to the Inn one day myself!


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      The Last TV Show

      We did not get to see it. They sent us the show-info to our merchandise page of our website.
      What we saw of it as it was being filmed here looked very cheesey/stupid. I am sure that almost nobody saw it, and those that did fell asleep in front of the TV.
      We befuddled them (My Wife and I) when we refused to fit into their pre-written "Reality Script" by refusing to say things that are totally untrue.
      Oh. well? Being infront of someone else's camera is not always fun (but it should be)


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        Couldnt be T.W is in St louis Now! Bah

        Its been going on 10 or more since I was at the ravens grin! Yes Jim you scarred me for life. No but it was an everlasting memory I will never forget and enjoyed. And yes I plan on returning someday! Maybe 12 or 15yrs lol! Your only 6 hours away! LOL! You got that vid or is it on youtube w you and Jessica being cheesy! LOL!
        Damon Carson