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    I have been busy since my lecture at Transworld. I was asked to help on a lot of projects and I am now in NY working on a huge redesign of Demon Acres.
    Also, I started my own facebook page of ideas for haunting. Its just easier for me to post there. Here's the link:

    The black and white photo here inspired me to come up with the following idea. This would be a gore scene that will make people too terrified to look.
    "Eye Surgery"
    The scene, like in the pic, is an actor strapped to a table. In my drawing, there is a power drill over his one eye. The drill is screaming loudly and smoking as it lowers onto the actors open eye. His one arm is free and searching everywhere at once. His one leg is also free to prove he is real. The drill is lowered via large wheel on the side of the bed. There is a long drill bit with a point on the end that lowers onto the actor's eye. He screams in pain and tries to get free. The drill goes into his eye and the TV shows it all.
    OK before I go any further, the drill is fake. One of those joke drills will work just fine, they have retractable drill bit that goes into the drill via spring. The eye is actually a prosthetic and under it is a metal plate to protect the real eye just in case. The drill is smoking but uses a mini fogger for the effect. No harm should actually come to the live actor on the table.
    The TV shows the surgery but its a looping animation. This TV idea is what people will cringe over.
    Other ways to use this idea:
    You can use the TV to show any gross surgery you would like. You can have legs being amputated or hands or anything.
    This is sure to make people get really, really sick.

    eye.jpgeye surjury.jpg

    ~The Imagineer~

    Andrew de Ruiter

    Download part 1 of Andrew's Black Book of ideas for haunts here: