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  • Resource for Growling and Snarling...

    I am looking for a resource to learn and teach the correct way to do growls, snarls and all that kind of stuff without wearing your throat out! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
    Brandon Treadway
    Owner & Creative Director | Treadway Events
    Portland, Oregon

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    Well if its a great sound your after- that only comes from practice- but if you are looking for technique- Alan Hopps has a few REALLY good actor training vids that cover vocalization, but essentially you want to rotate how your vocalize to maximize how long your throat will last. Probably the hardest and most painful thing is to just bellow across vocal cords at high level- you won't last long.

    And here is a couple tips I learned from the wife of one of our actors- she is a vocal coach. The first is obvious but few really do it: warm up you voice before the show. The second sounds REALLY weird but I SWEAR it makes a big difference if you do it regularly: gargle with olive oil before, during and after! Then last: add honey to your regular diet during the season to protect your throat from infections while you are abusing the crap out of it.

    Do all three and you will be a vocal beast compared to the amateurs around you.

    Google it.
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      I have found that using different registers of your voice, saves your "speaking voice" as well as using phelgm sounds and spit gurgles, really juicy ones, sound gross and save voice/
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        Thank you for the suggestions guys! Never would have thought of the olive oil!
        Brandon Treadway
        Owner & Creative Director | Treadway Events
        Portland, Oregon


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          Snarls, Growls, Etc.

          My advice to all our actors is practice - Sit at home and just make sounds, experiment with different noises. Start low and soft don't try to just be as loud as possible, find a range of sounds first then work your way up in volume.

          Most of the sounds I make are not actually done from exhaling, the best sounds I can make are from inhaling while producing the sounds - Every year I get actors asking me how I make the sounds I do, from growls and loud deep snarls to high pitch screeching that you can hear over our sound systems - it's all about practice, and practice will help build up your throat so you don't lose your voice the first night.

          Oh and lots of cough drops


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            Fortunately or unfortunately?

            I talk and make numerous other noises with my voice for 2 to 3 hours at a time here as I tell them stories, show them things that need comedic explanations.
            One thing that I happened to accidently discover many years ago that seemed to do a lot to svae my voice, was to simply speak with a sort of "Southern" Accent!
            Maybe it's just talking slower that helps the most about this? Many common vocally made sounds we regularly emit seem to lend themselves to a smoothing or rounding off effect when a Southern acxcent is applied to them.
            Maybe that is why this seems to "Work"?
            I think that I accidentaly discovered these "Southern" things when I was immitating my one Ex who was from Florida.
            She could turn her "accent" off and on like a water foutain! It depended upon "Who" she was talking too, or trying to influence.