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    does anyone have any ideas on how to hack an old style phone to ring? in my electric chair room I want a ringing phone in the scene but I don't want to use a speaker with a ring on it. I would like the real ringing of the phone using a 110 outlet for power

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    Wiring up old phone ringer to arduino This may help?
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      I had the same issue recently...found a site with a deign for something to bump the voltage up. The big issue is that actual phone ringing systems ran on around 80 volts AC, but the cycle was less than the usual 60Hz used in the US, so just wiring it into the AC voltage with a step down does not work.

      What I ended up doing is Getting some of these on clearance at a local hardware store:

      Then I just run them off of 9volts from my controller. They are pretty loud by themselves, and multiple run together only get louder.
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        i kinda didn't realize this would be such a pain in the ass. i noticed wile doing research that alot of people were having a hard time with this also. i think i am going to try the same method you used because it sounds the easiest and i can use my controller for the gap between rings. i will let yall know how it turns out


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          I did this for a scene in our haunt. Fairly easy to hack an old phone and keep it low voltage. I Applied 12 volts to the coil simulating the ring pattern with a 50 cent 555 timer.