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Ghost Town Haunt: Good or Bad

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  • Ghost Town Haunt: Good or Bad

    I have this video lying around from my haunt last year. Any suggestions. I already have a poison props clown dropper coming soon. I might also replace the electric chair as it is starting to show its age. not bad for a home haunt eh?

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    Love the facade! Digging the use of the mini-galaxian laser. I also enjoyed the uv reactive art. You have quite a collection of animated props!

    As for suggestions/questions... You have an awesome old west ghost town facade, but then inside your haunt you have clowns, vampires, werewolves, electric chair, a laboratory/tech (none of which seem to be Old West themed). I'm a little confused about the theme. The outside is an old west ghost town, but then the inside there is a mishmash of many themes. Also, do you have an over all soundtrack playing throughout? Your animated props are very loud... Perhaps a louder soundtrack might help tie it all together?

    You have an amazing array of equipment to work with! I hope you can find a way to tie it all together with a theme/story that makes sense. With the exception of the room that had technology in it, it wouldn't be terribly difficult to give the rest an old west feel. Maybe put a cowboy shirt and hat on the werewolf? Same with the vampire? Since you already have a great home haunt facade, perhaps you should alter the things inside to fit with an old west theme too? Best of luck to you!
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