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Night Motions Volume 4: Crypts and Tombs now available!

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  • Night Motions Volume 4: Crypts and Tombs now available!


    Night Motions Volume 4: Crypts and Tombs is now available! This new collection contains 5 new videos in AVI format so you can put on your big screen or projector and display in a empty window hole in your haunt. The segments run 5 minutes each and look stunning. The new pack comes in a ZIP file you can download (each video is zipped up) and also comes with a MP3 file of wind and moan sounds you can use behind the video if you want or use it in other parts of your haunt.

    The price is just $39.99 and you can order your copy over at We hope you have a very safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

    I'll leave you with some screen shots of the new video!


    HOW TO USE IT: For use in a SDcard repeater that some haunt prop shops sell. You put these videos on a sd card, and loop them on a tv in a window hole and enjoy the show. It distracts guests while your actors attack your guest viewing your video. There are no refunds on the new package once you order. The file is in ZIP format and is almost a gig in size. Custom video packages are also available for those looking for something outside of these videos. Email us for pricing on your custom project at Also, all 3 of the older Night Motions are also available for just $29.99 each (Volumes 1, 2 or 3) and those are located at: if you care to check them out.
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