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    Last year I ran out of air pressure for my pneumatic props. I would like to make sure that I have my lines run correctly. I have also purchased a new compressor, that will also hopefully help. There are eight prop that all have an eleven gallon portable tank, , connected to them. The portable tank is plumbed with a tee that always an in, to the prop and out. Currently the system is setup in a continuous loop. Starting at the compressor, I will be running a 100’ rubber pneumatic hose to the first prop’s portable air tank, which branches off to the prop and then continues on to the second prop. The airline that leaves the last prop/tank returns back to the first portable tank, not the compressor, to complete the loop. The longest run of airline is from the compressor to the first prop, 100 feet, after that the distances range from 10-50 feet. Last year, the airline I used was a 3/8 rubber pneumatic line from Harbor Freight.

    Do I need to change from the current 3/8 rubber pneumatic hose to a polyurethane tubing? Would it be better to run a line from the compressor to a manifold, then branch off or is the continuous loop better? Any ideas would greatly be appreciated

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    Having enough air and calculating system usage depends on what props you are running. Can you describe the 8 props?
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      Half of the props have a thirty second reset and the other half have a fifteen second reset.

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        you are almost doubling your supply volume going to the 1/2" line. Do you run at full pressure and reduce at each prop? That would help also. To calculate total usage you would need to give all the cylinder sizes, bore and stroke, operating pressure and single or double acting. How many operate at the same time? Many things to look at, but is it almost worked last year, upsizing the hose and compressor should help.