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  • Looking for some much needed help!

    Hi, my name is Trever Pollard. I am the owner of Planet of Terror Haunted Attraction located in Mooresville, NC. We are writing to see if you could lend a hand with an issue we have ran into. We recently had 99% of our haunt stolen from our storage area. Haunt season is right around the corner and we are not sure if we will be able to rebuild in time. So we have started a project to raise the funds we need to replace all of our stolen material. All we are asking is that you post the story and Kickstarter project link to your Facebook, Twitter etc. We need to get the word out and this would help a great deal. If you could find it in your heart to donate that would be great as well. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you for everything!
    -Trever Pollard Project Link:

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    Sorry to hear about your issue. I hope it all works out for the best.

    Do you have a police report you could share with us? I know from experience, if you have that and extend your kick starter with more info about the issue you might get some help. Just a suggestion. I know I have ran into places doing the same thing as you and they tried getting money to redo their haunt after the same issue you are having, and they was scamming the public that is why I would strongly recommend you post a copy of the police report as proof to the issue. If you was truly hit, I am so sorry, but I never seen many people use kickstarter as a means to get funding this way that you are.

    If you get back on your feet, maybe we could work together. I run a haunt event in Indianapolis, IN called Hallow Screams. Drop me a line if you need advice. I would be more than glad to direct you to resources you need.

    Be safe.
    Will Zettler
    Indianapolis, IN
    Hallow Screams Haunted Farm
    Hallow Screams Entertainment
    Hallow Winds Entertainment - Main Haunted Event Page - Our Products Catalog (In Works) - Direct Email