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    Well it's been a few years (about 3) since I bought a Pico Projector and I know that the technology has grown fast in that realm and I am now looking to purchase some more for a new effect. While I won't say price is no object, this is a large corporate client so we are willing to spend money.

    I have been impressed with the Optoma PK320 ( before but wondering what is out there now.

    This is a Haunted House effect so we don't need full 1080i but would still like to run HDMI (or even better a built in SD card!) And we would be shooting from 10-15 feet away in both a dimly lit room and brighter (though still indirect and not like normal room lighting) situations.

    LED is not a requirement and if we can get brighter by not going LED that is fine.

    Any suggestions out there?

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    Something like this? I have been thinking about trying these for an effect but have not pulled the trigger. They say they have HDMI in, but I was more interested in the SD card input.|650939352
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      Yeah something like that but higher end, that is only 48 lux and 320x480 px. I am looking for something better than what I already have, the above linked item.


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        Aaxa Makes some pretty great affordable projectors.