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  • Privacy for my customers

    I just wanted to see what precautions (if any) you guys take as far as informing guests that they may have their photo or video taken and used for commercial use. I would like to get a video of people waiting in our queue line, and going through our haunt for a promo. As you guys very well know it would be practically impossible to get everyone's permission, so what do you recommend? thanks!

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    It's private property, you don't need anyone's permission. You simply (as a courtesy) need to let them know they may be recorded for marketing materials with a sign by the ticket booth

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      I was told..

      If you record conversations that this could cause you a ton of problems. Recording the crowd with no audio would be much safer for the person doing the recording, unless you like being in court?
      Our sticker tickets have a statement on them saying we have the right to use their likeness on film. By wearing that ticket they must thereby be in approval of it .