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  • Everyone has them now!

    You can't walk into a Spirit store or other Halloween store and not see all the digital recordings for EVERYONE to convert a television into a haunted prop. I understand that these companies opened up a much larger market by retailing their DVD's etc. to Suzy Housewife; but I no longer will bother with a television playing a haunted scene. My customers are not coming to see the same stuff they can buy at any store.

    Wicked Farmer

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    I could not have said it better Farmer. Furthermore the CGI stuff is cool but, when I see it I think to myself "oh look a TV".


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      You can say that again guys. I was talking to a few people last week in a spirit store, all home haunters, and each of them said they planned to but the cgi videos for the trick or treaters. I think that's the final nail in the coffin for any pro haunt to use them they had their time but it never didn't feel like you weren't looking at a tv.



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        The main problem is!

        Your limited to the range of effects you can do w them! The coolest ones are the moving portraits atmosfearfx did. Everyone one else has glass breaking at the end for the scare by a monster or something! Same boring stuff! Try thinking out the t.v box for a minute! There still is some more scares you could do!
        Damon Carson


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          I still like the talking statues

          And now night frights has a whole that...but tv screens .....MAYDAY MAYDAY GOING DOWN!


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            Once again another example of how Haunters have influenced the Halloween market. It just forces us to move on to the next level. How many things did you do in your first haunts that you would NEVER do now a days?
            R&J Productions
            Las Vegas, NV