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  • Some Ruiners (for the rest of us)

    Before posting here I looked through recent posts,.. I saw nothing mentioned concerning the haunt worker here in Illinois who was arrested, booked, mug-shot after he was said to have been saying lewd things to customers passing before him and poking them with a chainsaw.
    The article didn't say if the poking was sexual in nature, maybe it was not.. but someone took it that way?

    An hour ago as I was paying for a sandwich, the clerk began talking about "Haunted Houses". When a teenager she was in a JC haunt , not in Illinois, but close by, as she walked through a dark passage someone bit her on the back of her leg!
    Her Mother called the Police. The bite did become infected.
    I wonder if Jeff Dahmer was ever in the JCs?
    John Wayne Gacy was and was even the state winner of the Illinois and Iowa JC awards for the "Man-Of-The Year" recognition.

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    (in the voice of Peter Griffin).... Soomeeetimes... Jim, I don't.. believe I, know you.

    Out of your typical posts I can't tell if you're even serious on this one, though the writing tone seems serious.

    There will always be "Bullsh1t" like this. However, now days there is NO FREAKING EXCUSE! Haunt owners have every ability to background check their employees / volunteers / actors.
    When I start advertising for volunteer actors at our haunt this year, I will state to them "We need to become friends on right now, so I can do a personal background check" If they refuse, I'm going to send them packing. Reason being, if we wait, that gives them time to hide anything they want to. If they refuse, I'm just going to assume they're not good for dealing with people.

    I have seen many actors get hired in for haunts and different charity events and attractions and let me tell you, it always seemed like just a moment away from cops being called, or an ambulance or something. People always harassing others, patrons etc. Doing stupid $hit with dangerous tools, you name it. Why? Because the authoritative figures aren't always around. And MORONS ALWAYS be themselves when "the boss isn't around"

    All I can say is there is no excuse for haunters to have so much trouble. They can do all kinds of background checks, even legally for a few bucks to make sure they're not hiring felons, sex offenders etc. No, not all offenders, morons and idiots have a previous record, but it helps, no doubt.


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      Wasn't that this past October? Did this happen again?


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        I have heard something like this before. And you are right on all counts that you typed. Or was it a past post of yours I read!? LOL! I like to believe almost everything I read from Jim is correct. All except for me not spending the night in his haunted house. Which I did. Jim is just a late riser! Nothing a little Viagra cant help! ahaha!
        Damon Carson


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          I remember reading somewhere, an article about an actor's experience using Marijuana in the haunt he worked in, while they were open....

          Background check your actors. Please.

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            Exactly. MJ doesn't have to be smoked, which a thing most people don't understand. I'm a non-user.... so my opinions are a bit biased though I try to be open minded about most things. That said, in my opinion, a user of even MJ has a greater chance of being the type of person to do ignorant things. I mean, seriously, it's illegal in most areas... so let's just use the legality of the thing... they're breaking the law. What other laws do they break / willing to break? If they'll break LAWS... they'll definitely be inclined to break your house / actor's rules.

            I will be opening next year... a charity event (not 100%), mobile etc, that probably won't pull great numbers the first year... BUT! I have already set aside a fund, that I stick money in every 3rd week, to pay for background checks on actors / help. To me, there's no excuse to NOT do so.

            All it takes is ONE PERSON.... to ruin it for you, and even for the industry.