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How do you act like a spider victim?

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  • How do you act like a spider victim?

    I have a spider section in my haunt and I don't know how to act like or have someone act like a spider victim or something.
    - Ethan Hall, EEK Productions Owner/Operator

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    Be a spider victim

    Nasty red spots on the face and around the bite area. Go nutty,make a hole (seemingly) in the skin, glue some small plastic spiders around the hole (think "Volcano") "Are they being born inside this victim's flesh? Yummy blood to feast upon, you know!"
    The more advanced Victim could be sporting some small spider arms popping out from their arm pits.
    "But I Can't be a Spider! I'm not smart enough to move all those legs right!"
    Then they fall almost bumping into the next potential casualty.
    Pull an empty dozen chicken egg container out to look at the "Babies!"
    Small plastic spiders glued to threads, dangling from the egg carton would be nice.


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      Thank you so much that helps a lot!
      - Ethan Hall, EEK Productions Owner/Operator


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        You are Very Welcome!

        I have ideas, many, many, some are good, some require discpline!