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What's with seller that don't list prices?

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  • What's with seller that don't list prices?

    How come some companies/sellers don't want to list prices on their sites? Just today I commented on a mask-maker's photo on Facebook asking what the price of his new product was and he replies I have to PM him to find out. Is this some kinda warning sign that should make me think twice about ordering? Or is there a logical reason for why some sellers do this?
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    Although I personally find it annoying, I think it is so they can start cultivating a relationship with potential customers who are seriously interested in buying their products. In the real estate world a lot of agents do the same thing so they can gain more clients.

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      It's counter-intuitive, and I do not believe most people do it for a positive return. I think most people do that b/s "scam-selling" is just trying to be greedy and get as much as possible. They want to make as much money as possible, so they're willing to sell something cheaper to the first person that comes along in case they don't' want to pay asking price. If they put their asking price in public eyes, they know a lot of folks won't even pm / ask about it.

      I personally am absolutely DISGUSTED at this tactic, and I am one who likes to leave notes / messages of the tune "No price, No call" . This type of selling is a huge red-flag for secret, silent auctioning, trying to make any sales possible because they WOULD sell that $500 mask to the first person at $350 special pricing, but they don't want the public to know that. I belong to many FB online yard sale pages and I see this b/s ALL THE TIME! They get called out as well and there are others go come out as actually scamming people.... so it just reinforces my opinion of this tactic.


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        my view

        We don't list prices all the time only because it bumps our thread back up when someone post on it like when they ask for a price....that's why we don't like to put prices on our listings for costumes.