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Thank Yall for MHC

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  • Thank Yall for MHC

    Ok yall i just wanted to thank everyone for the MHC weekend. So here comes the list

    Thanks to Crazy Bob, Tattoo and everyone that cheered for granny in the contest, You made it easy to get on stage and gross everyone out. While Granny didnt win she belives that the best did win.

    Crazy Bob, Thank you for not only MCing the contest but drinking outta Grannys boobs and drinking with granny.

    Tattoo,Crazy Bob, Ken Spriggs,Mouse,Wayne Sealy,Timmer,Ghostly Manor and all the others that invited Granny to come up and play with them this year. Im not used to this much outpouring, I came from a small haunt and i cant belive that the industry greats want me to come and entertain their guests. It really means alot to me and i will try to make it to all the haunts i can this year.

    Barry, Kathy, Kelly and Neena thanks for another great MHC and partying! look forward to doing again next year.

    Bus #2, Thanks for letting me be incharge of your life and hope you had a good time

    Geoff Beck, Thanks for doing my makeup and soooo sorry i was late for the saturday job.

    BodyBag Entertainment, Thanks for letting Granny invade your booth for awhile saturday

    And everyone that attended MHC. THANK YOU!!! Yall made it a really awesome time for everyone I'm glad i got to meet yall

    Sincerly yours

    Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you're an asshole.

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    the gang at BodyBag entertainment wish to say THANK YOU, for the GREAT piece of work you did while tending our booth!!!!!! I can only hope and Pray that my photog got the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Buried deep beneath Darksyde acres Haunted house In Michigan I'm the Best at what I do, What I do Isn't very NICE!


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      MHC 2007. Thanks!

      I know it has been a couple of weeks now since MHC 2007, but I wanted to take a moment and thank Kelly, Neena, Barry, and Kathy for doing another great job for this 4th year of MHC! I was delighted to be one of the judges for the Bloody Mary Makeup Wars and thought the contests on saturday night went a lot smoother than they had in the past. There was a great vibe from the customers on the floor both days and lots of great conversation of course with everyone. There were a lot of good comments on the seminars and I truly enjoyed my own on sunday on quick and effective makeup jobs and thank all who attended! I look forward to MHC 2008 already! And if you have never gone in any of the previous years, I highly suggest attending. Besides all of the great products sold , and the great educational classes available at this convention, the one great thing I love about MHC is the laid-back feeling of being able to be with your extended creative family and meeting new members each year who want to learn from other's experiences. It is a great feeling to influence and be influenced by others who share their passion for this strange art form that is the haunted attraction industry!

      Happy Haunting for 2007!
      Geoff Beck
      Geoff Beck is an acting and makeup veteran of 13+ years who has been involved in educational seminars and has worked as a coordinator for many different haunts. He has directed PLAYING WITH FEAR, and HAUNTING MAKEUP VOLUME ONE.