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Scare Factory - has anyone had any luck getting ahold of them in the last 6 months??

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    Sooo !!!back to the prop I was talking about earlier this year (post above) I ended up contacting David, asked him wrath would the wait time be for real
    if I was to order props for next year.. To my surprise, he answered right away.. said that the ones I like they had extras made up ready to sell...
    after many emails exchanged, I ended up with a great deal from them.. so I sent payment (deposit) asked David to let me know when they are ready to go. I'd send the rest.
    Once they were all paid for, communication was slower, but I did manage to stay in contact .
    I figured , worst, if he doesn't ship in time !! I'll just cancel and reverse charges..
    But he answered his texts and was surprised his shop hadn't given me my tracking info.. he came back minutes later as they had shipped the week before..
    picked them all up yesterday there's a things missing, as I'm sure the guy who packed up the skid forgot to double check..but David replied back and asked for my address within seconds
    so he can get them out the same day..

    I'll be sure to let everyone know when it comes in..
    the props I wanted were.
    1- the grave master, this thing is cool... was sure it was electric, but it's all pneumatic, made solid to last.. works perfect ( was missing the lantern) I set up a severed head until I get the lantern.
    2- a double set of animated zombies for that brain smash game.. two zombie's, two catapults, two buckets of brains ( they forgot the brains) he promised to ship right away.

    overall, pleased.. was nervous but happy it turned out well.. there's a minor adjustment I need to make on one of the zombies, they use industrial ball joints, one of them
    is binding against another while in motion, just a quick grind with a dremel tool will fix that in a minute..

    I hope this is their new way of doing things and that others will get their props..
    here's a few bad cell pics44245477_10157940031687571_2559213085738926080_n.jpg44243061_10157940031697571_8151925013881028608_n.jpg44224999_10157940031692571_707818444401147904_n.jpg


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      I'm assuming that is a joke. We didn't order from Scarefactory this year because of this same problem in the past. Visiting with people in St Louis seems like a lot of people have the same story.


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        Hi Hauntfarm, not sure if you are referring to my post as being a joke ??? if so, I assure you it's not..
        I have nothing to gain in this, simply posted my experience to give others that are waiting for stuff hope he might make things right..
        As I mentioned, I was worried because I did read about all the negative posts, I had been wanting to buy from them for years but never did out of fear..
        I'm in Canada so if things go bad, it's harder..
        anyways, I took a chance, contacted him and he answered right away each time until it was fully paid and the shipping date got near, then it was slower.
        Since I had a touchy experience earlier that year with another seller, I ended up having to reverse charges to get my prop shipped, I felt safe enough to try the same with them.
        It didn't get to that and he did ship on time as promised..
        I tried again this year with the 30% off deals, but he never replied to my emails.. so no new props from them this coming season for me..
        I do hope others end up getting what they paid for, it's a bad feeling when you pay and the seller doesn't honor their end of things
        Hell I'm still waiting on two sellers to send me props that were ordered last year and one that was ordered black Friday 2017 !!! still waiting..both promised to ship soon..
        I'm going to go email them now since I'm thinking about it

        best of luck to everyone still waiting


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          I'm making a BOLD prediction RIGHT NOW... Scarefactory will not be at Transworld in 2020. Why? Because I doubt very seriously they will survive between now and then. That is my prediction. Order from them at your OWN RISK!

          This is my prediction. They have screwed way to many people for starters. They can't go to IAAPA so that market has been cut off. Their new product at Transworld 2019 was their worst in their entire history.

          Just my prediction.
          Larry Kirchner


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            BIG NOPE to this scumbag from me. Ordered in January, he failed to deliver. We sent someone to their "factory" 2 weeks ago. Said he'd send a check within 10 days....nope. Lawyers have been involved. I reached out to one of the staff at SF 3 months after the transaction, and he hadn't even heard of my order. Fachman is the biggest liar, and his entire company is built on thin ice.

            I have found official court documents that were filed on behalf of amusement parks in the UK and Egypt...if you follow the paper trail, you'll find that Fachman has ripped them off into the hundreds of thousands of dollars! They had the local sheriffs in Columbus lock Fachman and his team out of their own building more than once. They are professional scam artists, and any business they have with professional entertainment industry clients is purely by dumb luck. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME, MONEY AND ENERGY IF YOU PURSUE ANY TRANSACTION WITH SCARE FACTORY.

            I'm in full agreement with Larry - their lineup at Transworld looked absolutely horrendous. I would love to see Unit 70 take over their space in the Dark Zone.


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              What does that say about Transworld that they allow them back every year? The money for renting the space is more important?


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                I know a few things about Scarefactory but I was asked not to say anything so I won't... let me just say they're under a serious investigation. I would NOT order from Scarefactory. If you do you're taking a serious risk... this is a company that I think is going out of business. I also am predicting they won't be exhibiting at Transworld next year but hey I could be wrong but I'm usually not. Scarefactory in my opinion is the worst company in the history of our entire industry. Again order at your own risk.
                Larry Kirchner


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                  We gave up on Scarefactory 3 years ago.