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Haunters wanted for Shocka-Con Australia

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  • Haunters wanted for Shocka-Con Australia

    Okay I know this is well and truly out there - but Shocka-Con Australia is launching in October 2018 (yep 18 months away) and we are looking for Haunt Actors to be part of our inaugural event.

    We know that you know what to do. And while this isn't a 'Haunt' as your used to we have the whole grounds of Australia's Most Haunted Homestead at our disposal and we intent to make full use of it. So if you are planning a trip to Australia next year (you will be back in time for Halloween our event is the first weekend in October) or you happen to be like me and are an Australian searching this forum feel free to contact me through our Facebook Page 'Shocka-Con Australia'.
    Shocka-Con Australia
    Australia's Newest Horror Convention