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Great ghost stories for a haunted house setting

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  • Great ghost stories for a haunted house setting

    At our old haunt (20,000 square feet), we used to offer inside "ghost tours", where we would lead them from room to room and tell ghost stories, setting them up for the scare. (This only worked during off season when we didn't have a long line. It also required someone who was dramatic, and not shy or reserved.) It worked quite well and was fun to do. A haunted house is the perfect atmosphere to tell a scary story, especially if you can tie it in with the different visual themes. But you want to be sure it's a story they haven't heard, is relatively short, and is one with a really shocking ending.

    I ended up writing over 50 such stories, and had them professionally illustrated for a trading card series (along with a similar amount of classic Urban Legends). Now I'm making an illustrated book out of it on Kickstarter called "113 Tales of Terror". If you're looking for really good ghost stories to tell in your haunt or haunted trail, this would be a great resource. (The coffee-table sized book is only $9, as well!) The campaign ends on June 6th.