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  • Lochness
    started a topic Vampire Question

    Vampire Question

    So at the haunt that I'm volunteering at, there's a vampire section that has some shops. What are some shops that a vampire would visit? The shops are set in a Victorian Era London scene that has been taken over by vampires.

  • drfrightner
    I saw that issue of Pawn stars that is funny you mention that. Personally I think it would be pretty cool if vampires really existed I'd love to go hunt them! LOL


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  • Demon House
    Watching Pawn Stars a week ago and a Vampire protection kit came thru. Turns out it was worth 20k plus. The kid had silver bullets, stakes, wooden hammer, holy water, two guns all kinds of stuff. See if you can find that video on youtube.

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  • mobnick
    All kits are equipped with combined pliers, power side cutters, wrench combination wrench sets, power screwdrivers with a cross and spline profile, end heads with various connecting squares and a rattle with a quick reset. The included universal joint and extension cords allow you to work with hard-to-reach fasteners. Kits come in plastic cases with secure fit and durable, handy bags with many internal and external pockets.

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  • Ghost write 13
    Hello, During the 1840's to 1900, which was the general timeline for the Victorian era, a Vampire possessing the following ilk of being refined, sophisticated, aristocratic and stately may very well have ventured into anyone of these following establishments, well that is as long as the shop keep kept late hours!

    Chapeau shop
    Furniture maker
    Instrument maker
    Casket maker
    Artist gallery
    Print shop
    Maritime agency

    and of course, don't forget the Theatre.

    Good luck with your haunting.

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