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    Hey everyone, I'm SwampMonkey. I'm a long time haunt fan, new time actor. I'm working on getting a mask for either Face Factory FX of Texas or from Shattered FX who advertises on here. I have an issue though. My eye sight is poor and I need my glasses and don't like anything touching my eyes so I can't do contacts. How can I wear my glasses and my mask? I thought about buying some clip on old school looking shades and wearing them over my glasses and then glasses outside the mask. Also looked at building some kind of head band or goggle rig to hold an old set set close to my eyes and go under the mask because the leg corners it was will hold me up and miss shape my mask. Is there anything I can do to work around the eye sight issue or will I have to wear shades as a clown cause I'm blind?

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    You can have your script made into wrap around glasses (sun glasses but not shaded) or even scuba masks. so if you look there are options out there