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I will not order one damn thing from Transworld 2018

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    Officially comment about Transworld...

    I do think Transworld should create a way for buyers to complain about vendors. But vendors should have a way to complain about buyers who don't pay their bills.

    I think everyone in this industry should know about vendors that screw people and buyers who screw vendors. Why not! Transworld CARES about this industry and is like a punching bag in this industry. They deserve better as they try to make everyone happy.

    Larry Kirchner


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      Totally agree..........

      I totally agree...there are always two sides to every story. Unfortunately, with todays social media, people are way to fast to complain and give a vendor, owner, business a "black eye"...sometimes WITHOUT EVER reaching out to that entity. It is extremely difficult to own and operate a small business anymore, let alone build a solid reputation and people are willing to trash someone's business without even trying to resolve a problem in a professional, fair manner.

      That being said, there are many unscrupulous businesses out there that do deserve to be called out on social media platforms if they won't address their shortcomings. Owning several small businesses (other than the Fear Factory) we understand customers frustrations boil over when a business won't simply communicate with the customer. I've never dealt with SF, but I can understand where a lot of this...if not all of this is coming from - lack of communication! And it is soooo simple to correct! We always try and ANSWER the phone...plain and simple. If we are unavailable to, we always try and return calls/emails within 24 the longest. Usually we return all of our emails/calls the same day. It is probably the one thing haunters tell us over and much they appreciate the communication!

      Such a simple fix...although no one wants to follow such a simple rule??? After over 35 years in business (s), if I can offer one little piece of advice that pays such huge dividends to anyone starting or growing their business....simply COMMUNICATE! It's free!!!
      Jim Pashley
      855-NJ HAUNT


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        Bought a ceiling slayer from Scarefactory. It fell apart before we even opened for the first night. We just tested the damn thing. It was also programmed for the transworld show and was on a 3 min cycle amd had to be reprogrammed. I spent a YEAR emailing and calling Dave to get the replacement parts. Never a single response. I was told that if I said anything to Dave at the Transworld show that was even slightly off color that I would be removed from the show. So I never did. Every year I walk through their display and want to rip that guy a new ass but I just keep my mouth shut and keep walking.


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          Wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who told you you would be removed!

          Did Transworld tell you that? Saying something slightly off!

          Wicked Farmer


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            The Tradeshow is going to become more and more irrelevant over time. These days more people are getting free information from the web, youtube or groups. The tradeshow itself every single year seems like you're seeing the same show as the year before. Not sure if we're going to attend this year. Poison Props does a great job of putting up videos as an example. We try to take advantage of winter sales to get discounts. If you spend all your money during the discount period not much left for the tradeshow.