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Am I the only schmuck in this industry?

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  • Am I the only schmuck in this industry?

    Last night was the first Friday or Sat. night in Oct. I was gone from our business in 17 years. (not counting nights we were closed due to rain) My son is a senior in high school marching band. It was senior night and parents and the band members who are seniors were presented on the football field during half time. I had been to a couple games to see the band in late Aug. and early Sept. before. And I made several concerts they did. But standing on the field with my son was more WHERE THE HELL DID THESE 18 YEARS GO! I hired extra staff to replace the wife and I last night. It went fine in my absence, but if you are as big a shmuck as me TAKE TIME before it is too late.

    It is a standing joke in farming circles "We dont go to weddings in planting or harvest season". Missed weddings because relatives didn't take us serious . I can hire people to run haunt in my absence, but not the farm. If you have good staff you can take more breaks away than I did. Learn from my mistake. And if you do not have staff you can leave the haunt with for 4 hours one night....... you have other problems.

    If you have kids; take it from a father who stood there last night wondering where time went. Go to their events.

    Wicked Schmuck Farmer

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    Great story!!!

    Larry Kirchner


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      You just stabbed me in the feels. I made this video this year to express how much running our event is more about family than scares:

      My wife and two older kids are in this video. My daughter just joined the marching band this year. I've missed every performance so far due to working on the farm / haunt. I've missed almost all of my son's school play performances over the past four years. He's a senior now.

      So, no. You are not the only schmuck.
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        Farmers are insane...

        Without the haunt I would still be over 80 hours a week. There have been times I work all day and see the sun set and rise from the same tractor seat. Adding running a haunt on top of a farm load...insane.

        Wicked Farmer


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          Childhood Memories

          Do your kids help with the haunt? Do they have fun doing it? Do they have stories to tell their friends and also to tell in the years ahead? If this is so than you have spent quality time with your kids and no need to feel guilty about missing stuff. Everybody misses things.


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            They have helped. Daughter enjoyed Transworld; but making trails and being tied down to farm and haunt was/is huge turn off. And they heard "cave man" stories about their old man growing up and all work he did and renting farm ground at age 13. Work ethic took hold though; to point daughter as soon as she turned 18 was made a manager of pizza place by owners surpassing people who worked there longer. Then as much as they winced at idea of having a brother and sister work together; hired her brother and never looked back. Figured he was cut from same blueprint she was. He still detests working at maze; but he was able to go to Europe with 30 other kids for school trip this summer; so he knows he really has nothing to bitch about. He knows he would not have been able to go without maze and haunt revenue. Not a spoiled brat at all...he knows what it has done for him. But growing up not being able to run off with friends from town at any time was big too.

            Wicked Farmer


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              Farming is one of the hardest, under appreciated jobs in the USA. (That, cops, and military service.) But one of the things I love about the haunt is that it is a seasonal business that allows you the flexibility to spend more time with the family during the other times of the year.