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    So I am starting a new haunt for 2018, and I am having trouble naming my haunt and with a back store. I wanted to do a Circus/Carnival theme, more traditional circus "no zombie stuff". I am in the process of obtaining my business identity, and finances. So still in the very early stages of development.

    Opening with the haunt will be an Escape room that is also circus/carnival themed. My main character is going to be "skitzo". A half happy, sad, mostly demented clown character. He is still in the development phase as well. He will be just one of the main characters as I plan on also having a hypnotic ring leader, and crazed female lead. The 3 will be my main promotional leads for our haunt.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks Michael
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    You're simply trying to figure out a name for the haunted house? What idea's do you have right now
    Larry Kirchner


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      I would draw inspiration from other languages that describe a circus. For instance we created a new attraction called”Cirque De La Mort”which means circus of death. Then we had Chad Savage design our art work based on an idea I had and sent to him.

      I would caution naming your entire haunt around the theme, in the event you want to change it in the future. Your lame should represent your physical location combined with your geographical area and mixed with creepy words. And finally look up the web domain and make sure it’s available. You want your customers to be able to search you without having to enter a bunch of initials and what not. For us we are located in a rural area on a farm, so naturally our name is Twisted Fields Of Terror. We offered three attractions; cannibal creek haunted trail, cirque de la mort and zpocalypse paintball hayride. We also had Twistys Twisted Cornmaze but did away with that last year.

      Hope this was of some help, and good luck!



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        So as of right now we are going with "Distorted Illusions" as our brand name. Then we are naming each haunt individually, that`s where I am having trouble. So to reiterate we are opening a Carnival/Circus/Freak show themed haunt. As of now we are leaning towards "Zirkus Circus". Zirkus is circus in German so it would mean circus circus, not ideal but I think the sounding "Zirkus Circus" sounds sweet together. We first went with names of our town and trying to add that into the mix but nothing really stuck out to us. We played with words like "Mayhem, Wicked, dark, etc" But after searching the names where all but used somehow and we wanted something unique. So we went with "Zirkus Circus" Whats your thoughts?