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New BIG SCARY SHOW: Midnight Syndicate, NC Haunts, Unusual haunts, more

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  • New BIG SCARY SHOW: Midnight Syndicate, NC Haunts, Unusual haunts, more

    Episode 144

    Well, its kind of bitter sweet, but Kiddies, Halloween is almost upon us. Meathook Jim, Jerry Vayne and Badger made the trek to Cedar Point to see Midnight Syndicate Live! Ed and Gavin have really upped the ante, as their first show in 2014 was a hit and in 2017 it’s even better. Always a treat to see them perform live and if you ever get a chance it the future, make it happen. We chat with Ed and Gavin about the show, and whats on the horizon for them.

    Shortly after, we chat with Tony Clarke of Cedar Point, about a possible return for Midnight Syndicate, as well as the popular Halloweekends.

    Badger stays close to home after this as he interviews several haunts in North Carolina, including Hallowed Grounds, The Haunted Mill, Lake Hickory Haunts and Zombie Hollow.

    The Roundtable of Terror is about unusual Haunts, as we offer chairs up to Dan’s Haunted House, (the only Japanese themed haunt in the country),Grim Trails (based on Fairy Tales and Folklore), and Thriller Retro Haunted House( an 80’s themed haunt) be prepared, some of the language does slip into the R -rated realm, so cover the kiddies ears!

    Badger brings us the latest Deadline News, Storm rants on, in a Haunt Minute, the Unknown Scare-Actor talks about Samhainophobia in Face your Fears, the Haunt-strementalist spins a trio of Midnight Syndicate tunes, and Vysther is back with “What I did on my Halloween Vacation, Part 2.

    We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to….THE BIG SCARY SHOW

    F eatured Music: Midnight Syndicate

    Born of the Night
    Haunted Nursery
    Shadows ( Haunt Rocker Remix, with Jerry Vayne)