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Another stupid thing to concern yourself about...

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  • Another stupid thing to concern yourself about...

    Thought you might like to be aware.
    We found this hanging from some loose decorative strips in a hallway.
    It's a decorative fishing hook you put on the bill of your hat. And since it came off a hat- guess at what height it was hanging...
    Pardon my french, but why in the FUCK does this need to be as sharp as an actual hook?!
    What, are you gonna stop on the creek and drop it in for a minute? Where the hell are you keeping the string- wrapped around your balls?! Unbelievable.
    Glad the actor was there when it happened. Now our line security screens all the hats...

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    (With hookers like that, who needs the other kind?)

    Glad your actor spotted it in time.


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      Had the exact same thing happen last year. At first we through someone planted it, until we realized it was one of those hat decoration things. Not cool!
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