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Water themed haunt?

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  • Water themed haunt?

    We were thinking of a underwater themed haunt. Incorporating pirates, underwater creatures, ship wreck etc. What is best diy way to create underwater feeling? We have the flat laser and fog. I have also seen some other lights to give the effect any other good ideas? We have the claustrophobia as swamp feeling but 2 years ago the amount of people that came through it opened up andwas a bust.

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    I'm thinking blue and green lighting, fading in and out at different levels would give the illusion of the sun coming down through the water....They also have those DJ lighting h20 water effect lights....Maybe keep things dark and careful placement of those lighting effects on different props should give a nice overall effect....Video projections if budget allows....Here's a nice video for inspiration on underwater effects -
    Hopefully get an idea or 2 from it....ZR