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Help Getting Started on a Seasonal Haunt

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  • Help Getting Started on a Seasonal Haunt

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to find a space in Los Angeles that is zoned correctly for an escape room type haunt experience, which I can lease for September, October and some of November. In getting this enterprise up and running, I'm finding that everyting hinges on the location. Here are the central challenges I'm wondering how other seasonal huantes overcome:

    I need enough time to to get the permits compulsory paperwork in order, but my intention is to only lease the space for a few months. Can this be achieved?

    It's difficult to aproximate how much it will ultimately cost without knowing the location we plan to move into (i.e. price of rent, size of space, pre-existing walls and rooms etc.), though it appears that most venues open to pop-up type bussnesses are hesitant to make a deal for the fall season 6 months out to protect the possibility of a longer term renter. Whats the best way to strike a deal for Halloween in the Summer?

    if anyone has any leads on possible venue in LA please don't hesitate to pass them on. We're looking for aproximately 2000sqf


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    I don't live in LA but when you look at groups like Spirits they lease property for their stores every Halloween season. So yes 100%. The main issue is going to be they're always looking for a long term deal. I'd drive around get numbers off buildings call them, they'll charge you a premium so be prepared for that.


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      Exactly, tons of seasonal spaces are leased every year by Halloween stores and for the holidays (Christmas). You can get that deal done but you need to get an retail agent fast. You don't have much time. Larry
      Larry Kirchner