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Insane Asylum Ideas?

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  • Insane Asylum Ideas?

    Will be opening a haunted house soon, not for the 2007 season for a fact as we still havent found a building. But was wondering what you pros think are some good scene ideas, props, anamatronics, and scare ideas for me. So far we came up with the haunt consisting of jail cells, a hospital, execution chamber, and a graveyard. Any other ideas will be great.

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    After pursuing a location for your haunt for a couple of years "you" will have all kinds of asylum tendencys yourself.
    Look around this forum at all the people having a tough time getting a location, it is a very common problem.
    Good Luck.


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      one twist we added to our asylum is a "pharmacy" room. we have toxic signs, big 55 Gal barrels, one barrel was bubbling like acid, pipes everywhere and ooze all over the walls. We made it look like the staff was doing experiments using toxic drugs. and we put a barrel buster in there for the scare.

      here is a link to some of the pictures: - - - - - - - -


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        Some of the easiest are still the best, drop panels, air cannons, actor in the ceiling, actor in the floor, dot room, pitch black room, anything that messes with thier senses
        Greg Salyers
        Fear Entertainment


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          Rent the movie Session 9 its about an abandoned insane asylum. Oh ya and one crazy guy! No not Steve Martin.
          Damon Carson


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            I think it would be neat if you do a cannibal room. Have maybe a couple dead nurses and doctors and have your real live actors "the insane" people eating away at the nurses and doctors. Add furniture like it's a group therapy room but it's just a bloody mess! Your insane characters have broke free from being tied up or locked up.

            Have some chairs or maybe a few couches
            white painted walls with bloody hand prints and blood stains
            A clock on the wall
            some pictures
            maybe some plants
            Broken bloody mirror
            Tables with lamps
            Maybe even an old looking TV showing nothing but white static on the screen

            just some ideas...good luck
            ~Bill Mlinac
            The Deadland Haunted House


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              Have actors do the old switcher-roo the Doctor is suddenly found to be a patient impersonating a doctor!
              I have experienced this myself, in real life, a couple of times.
              They really didn't fool me that much for that long.
              The tip off was when they nervously keep saying, "I'm not a patient, I just work here, really I do! (Followed by:"See that guard ? That's my Dad, see that Nurse, that's my Mom!)
              A classmate of mine finally asked ,"Why do all the patientsd here keep coming up and talking to just you, Jim?"
              "Because I am the most sane person in our tour group of this mental fascillity, they keep telling me:"Get me outa here, there's nothing wrong with ME!"

              "Life is Strange, If you take the time to notice."