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    LOVE IT!! Too bad the release is August 31st......doesnt make much sense. Maybe Dimension Films has something bigger and better to release this halloween season. who knows.....
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      Looks awesome, can't wait until Aug 31st. I will be there opening night.
      ~Bill Mlinac
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        I think it looks awesome!!!

        I just don't know why they open this movie in August. I'm scratching my head!

        Why not in October? I dont' get it!

        All of the icon horror monsters are getting updated.

        The Wolfman is coming

        Jason is getting a whole new relaunch with backstory

        Freddy as well!

        I heard even Pinhead is getting a big budget redo!

        Larry Kirchner


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          I think the film is going to rock. I am not all about the remake but Zombie is going to get people afraid of Myers again.

          THe only one thing I fear is will he become too much Manson/Killer and not so much icon-ic. We shall see.

          Pinhead and Freddy I think are untouchable, if you replace Robert or Doug, both of which I talked about remakes of their films with, it will lose something no matter the generation. In fact, Robert just said when he was on RFR 2 weeks ago, that he would rather see a pre. to Nightmare before a remake.

          As for August, in terms of marketing thats the best. August 31 is a perfect date. Halloween Express, and Spirits open their doors for mass market. Most stores will be merch. their floors by then and then people will see it all Sept. in October they are all going to haunts, wrapped up in parties etc.

          Good marketing.

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            its a cool trailor cant wait for it to come out


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              Im gonna go see the remake of Halloween. There are parts I've seen that I like and parts Im like eeehh. But I am a fan of Rob Zombies film so Im hoping the overall product does the original justice. The original Halloween is my favorite movie of all time. If Rob can get the same feel of the original with some new twists of his own it will be successful. If not this thing will be a laughing stock to anyone who is a fan of the original. Im hoping for the best. Im not impressed with the poster and I've heard the new version of the original theme to Halloween and I really dont like that either. I think somethings you shouldnt change! The original theme music is one! Far as opening in August I think there looking to have a big opening and then let the Halloween season keep selling the tickets for them. Maybe word of mouth if this movie turns out to be good will work for them. Lets keep our fingers crossed Zombie delivers!
              Damon Carson


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                Hi. I'll have no friends around here soon.

                I think Rob Zombie is absolutely worthless as a film maker, and he has no business touching this. I seriously don't like the guy, as he's an arrogant hack with an "extreme" haircut who does nothing but ride other peoples formulas/material to success. To put it lightly, screw him.

                My vote: it will be terrible. The mainstream and rebellious tweens will probably eat it up though!

                Can't be as bad as the Devil's Rejects. That was the worst movie I've ever seen, and as an MST3K fan I've seen some stinkers. Also, Sherri Moon is a third rate stripper and does not belong anywhere near a movie set.

                At least he'll sell tickets, right? He gets to ruin my favorite horror film, and the studio gets money. Everyone wins, right?

                Ahh, I feel so much better getting that off my chest.


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                  Originally posted by Cookie Crumbler View Post
                  He gets to ruin my favorite horror film
                  How so? John Carpenter's Halloween is untouchable; it will always exist and will always be regarded as THE classic.


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                    Hey Shape,

                    You are correct about my wording. "Ruin" was a poor choice of words. "Taint" was the word I was looking for. Other than that, as much as I would love to be able to make myself agree with you, I just can't. I want to, don't get me wrong.

                    Just like in the eightees, you'd think of Star Wars and you'd picture Han Solo, Darth Vader, Carrie Fisher, Boba Fett, the "Force," and Yoda.

                    Now when I think of Star Wars, I think Jar-Jar Binks, Jengo Fett, midicloreans, Clone Armies, Jake Fox, and Greedo shooting first.

                    Prequels and Special-Editions didn't destroy the originals, but they certainly tainted the legacy for many, many true fans. A lot of people, myslef included, believe messing with the classics is a no-no. Remakes can be okay, but when you change what a beloved character or story is about completely, when you change it's essence on an ego-trip, that's just silly.

                    And Rob Zombie writing the new official Michael Myers backstory? It's like a bad joke. I still have a hard time believing it's even real.

                    Gwen Stefani is going to write the new backstory for Freddy Krueger. David Lee Roth is going to "Reinvision" ET, and now ET is actually an ex-convict dwarf named Eddy Thomas, or "E.T. " Only Eddy was tortured as a child, so he acts out by torturing rats and dressing as an alien.

                    Speaking of Rats, maybe the lead singer of RATT could redo Mary Poppins but this time with expolicit nudity. Paris Hilton is on board to play Mary. I hear the bassist from Winger is looking to redo the Wizard of Oz, only now Dorothy is a bisexual exhibitionist cocaine addict.

                    The fact is when you mess with classic movies, in the public consiousness the remake becomes an automatic comparison to the original. Have you seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Wait, which one, the new one or the original? How about Willy Wonka? Which one the new or the original?

                    If you don't see where I'm coming from that's cool, but if you don't, we certainly aren't going to agree. And that's alright, I really just wanted to vent: Because when I think about Rob Zombie "re-doing" Halloween, I get the instant urge to vomit and cry at the same time. Not a pretty sight.


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                      Hey Cookie,

                      Did Rob Zombie kill your dog or something?

                      Just kidding!

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                        Uh... I just watched the trailer.


                        I liked The Devil's Rejects and the first half of House of 1000 Corpses but this thing just reeks of lazy, incestuous film making.
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                          AHHH! To be alive 350 years from now and have possibly 50 choices of versions of movies to see and compare!
                          "Did you mean "Halloween" number one? Or "Halloween" number 67?
                          But then maybe everyone will have a computer program allowing us to each put together our own movies using the faces and voices from any actor who has ever lived?
                          What a competition this would be!
                          What a nightmare of krap!
                 wouldn't get flushed because WE made it! (And stand pointing down at it SO PRoud!)
                          10,000 people all re-making the same classic movie!
                          Which "Classic"? number 5 or number 25?
                          I would love to be reincarnated for all of this. Maybe living on the last lonely mountaintop with my vault full of much sought after original plots, going for really BIG Money, of course since nobody else has a clue!


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                            Cookie I can see the light where your coming from. Even though I said I like Rob Zombie films. I admit Devils Rejects isnt really all that. And yes even House of 1000 Corpses seems like somewhat of a rip off of Texas Chainsaw. But the thing is these studios are looking to sell tickets. They have done everything they can to milk all they can out of Michael Myers and all however many 100 other movie monsters they can. It boils down to this if you dont like it dont go see it. Dont support it. I think the original Halloween is like the Holy Grail of horror movies. Nothing tops it. The studio got everyone from Jamie lee Curtis to come back and even Rick Rosenthal. But it was pretty much the same old crap and people were disappointed. But they sold tickets anyway. They are still making these things. Now there jumping on the bandwagon of Rob Zombie they cant get Carpenter to make another Halloween movie. They have tried a million times. And yes Rob comes off as arrogant but sometimes I think its more in a commical way. Each to his own, no one can like everybody sometimes if you even try. Cookie I do to hope Rob Zombie didnt kill your dog either. Hopefully he isnt that bad of a guy and hopefully he serves the original Halloween with some justice.
                            Damon Carson


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                              let's just hope that the remake is just as good as the original.