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    I also agree with Coolie Crumbler,

    I didn't like the idea of Zombie doing the films either, since I thought his past movies really sucked. I like his music and all, but so far he hasn't shown much for creating great movies...Hoping for the best though and if it's good I'll be the first to tell people!



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      Originally posted by Cookie Crumbler View Post
      Hey Shape,

      You are correct about my wording. "Ruin" was a poor choice of words. "Taint" was the word I was looking for. Other than that, as much as I would love to be able to make myself agree with you, I just can't. I want to, don't get me wrong.

      Just like in the eightees, you'd think of Star Wars and you'd picture Han Solo, Darth Vader, Carrie Fisher, Boba Fett, the "Force," and Yoda.

      Now when I think of Star Wars, I think Jar-Jar Binks, Jengo Fett, midicloreans, Clone Armies, Jake Fox, and Greedo shooting first.
      Hmmm, nope... I still think of Luke and the gang when I hear "Star Wars."

      Originally posted by Cookie Crumbler View Post
      Prequels and Special-Editions didn't destroy the originals, but they certainly tainted the legacy for many, many true fans. A lot of people, myslef included, believe messing with the classics is a no-no. Remakes can be okay, but when you change what a beloved character or story is about completely, when you change it's essence on an ego-trip, that's just silly.
      I don't necessarlly support remakes either, but in this case, I think "rebooting" the franchise is a good idea if Dimension insists on making more. The series' continuity was destroyed by Halloween H20 anyway, and I personally don't want to see a follow-up to Halloween Resurrection because that movie was beyond terrible
      (talk about tainting the original!)

      Originally posted by Cookie Crumbler View Post
      And Rob Zombie writing the new official Michael Myers backstory? It's like a bad joke. I still have a hard time believing it's even real.

      Gwen Stefani is going to write the new backstory for Freddy Krueger. David Lee Roth is going to "Reinvision" ET, and now ET is actually an ex-convict dwarf named Eddy Thomas, or "E.T. " Only Eddy was tortured as a child, so he acts out by torturing rats and dressing as an alien.

      Speaking of Rats, maybe the lead singer of RATT could redo Mary Poppins but this time with expolicit nudity. Paris Hilton is on board to play Mary. I hear the bassist from Winger is looking to redo the Wizard of Oz, only now Dorothy is a bisexual exhibitionist cocaine addict.
      I'm actually relieved Zombie's doing it... I knew we wouldn't be seeing any Dawson's Creek teeny-boppers and post-modern "Scream" garbage when I heard his name attached to the project.

      Originally posted by Cookie Crumbler View Post
      The fact is when you mess with classic movies, in the public consiousness the remake becomes an automatic comparison to the original. Have you seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Wait, which one, the new one or the original? How about Willy Wonka? Which one the new or the original?
      When someone asks me what my favorite movie is, I reply "Halloween."
      They immediately ask, "Which one?" (you know, because there's 8 of 'em!)
      I respond: "The original." NOW when someone asks which one, I'll have to respond: "The original"....
      (see, nothing's changed! lol)

      Originally posted by Cookie Crumbler View Post
      If you don't see where I'm coming from that's cool, but if you don't, we certainly aren't going to agree. And that's alright, I really just wanted to vent: Because when I think about Rob Zombie "re-doing" Halloween, I get the instant urge to vomit and cry at the same time. Not a pretty sight.
      I understand where you're coming from, Cookie and I would agree with you if the original Halloween were a stand-alone movie. But the fact is, it's already been "remade" 6 times (can't count Season of the Witch now, can we?) and the original can't be anymore disrespected and tainted than it was with the last one.

      I respect your opinion though.
      Last edited by The Shape; 08-02-2007, 04:03 PM.


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        They are releasing Halloween in August because they don't want to compete with Saw 4.


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          All the nay sayers are showing their age.

          Horror movies have evolved. They needed to become more edgy, more gritty, more brutal. Audiences and grown up and matured. They desire more realism in violence. Rob Zombie is one of a handful of directors who have the chops to make Michael Myers scary again. The Shape had become an almost cartoon character along with Freddy. I am not a dihard Zombie fan but I know he will bring the brutality back to the screen. The cookie cumbler has missed the point once again. This version is vital if the Halloween franchise is to compete with movies like Saw, Hostel, and other more gruesome "torture horror".
          I would wager the cumbler just picked the most opposite opinion to garner attention.


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            If a Ghoul Krapt on the fright forum, would anyone care?


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              Just can't keep on topic

              I guess its hard for a black plastic yard haunter like the cumbler to take flak for her comments. It seems strange to slam a movie before seeing it. I don't know why she resorts to personal insults at the slightest difference of opinion.