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  • Haunted House Intro.

    What do you all do for your haunted house introduction? Such as do you explain the rules with a person themed to the haunt? Or just let the signs do all the explaing? I will be having a person intoduce the people before they enter the haunt one group at a time, but was wondering if anyone has anything a bit different. Such as a small scare to get the guest pumped up for the near comming experience. Also what about while your guest are waiting? How do you entertain your guest. Any thoughts, ideas, or some of your own would be great help.

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    we actually made a very short (around 30 seconds) DVD movie that give a high level back story. At the end it has a loud scream and a glass break effect on screen while at the same time a large drop portrait is activated and a big clown lunges out at them. after they get over the scare the DVD is now playing a repeating metal music riff and on screen it tells them to put on their 3D glasses and enter the door to the right.
    I have thought about adding rules to the video but I do also have an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet hanging just below the TV screen that is up high, around 7 ft so everyone can see. the sheet has all of our rules on it again. The same sheet is posted in many many places out side in line and on the entry facade too.

    I that video around here somewhere. I will see if I can get a link for you to see.

    by the way I really like the entry video because it allows us to control the flow through the haunt. If one of the actors is not ready yet then we just dont push play on the DVD remote until they are ready. This way every group get the highest quality show we can give them.

    for the outside entertainment up til this year we just played the old standards like rusty knife and pumpkinhead soundscapes. this year we are thinking about getiing the Elswarro Que Line DVD.

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