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Cameras in haunted houses

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  • Cameras in haunted houses

    My partner and I want to put cameras in haunted houses, but these cameras can be controlled by the viewer 24/7. They have night vision and audio. We can't afford the bandwidth for a lot of viewers so we would have to charge per viewer. We were thinking of $3.00 per 24 hour period. The cameras have a 360 degree turn and can go up and down with zoom also. Do you think anyone would pay to use the cameras? If so, how do we let people know about the cameras?

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    yes, I think there would be a good response.


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      I have had the same thought. Installing cameras in 1 or 2 high scare areas in the haunt. An possibly putting a couple tv monitors in the waiting line. This way guests can get a sneak peek on what they are about to encounter. Then at the end of the night, bring in the tv monitors so they won't be stolen over night. I guess you can also broadcast it on your website.
      ~Bill Mlinac
      The Deadland Haunted House


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        I think the cameras would be a lot of fun, but how would I get the message out that we have these cameras? I have no experience in marketing. How can I let people know about them?


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          So you want to have a 24/7 webcam?

          Hmmm... that sounds really cool to me. We wanted to do the same. What do you have to do to webcam a scene from your attraction??? Larry
          Larry Kirchner


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            I think that the really neat thing about it is that the viewer can take control - not just watch a screen, but take control of the cameras. We have put lots of work into these cameras and I am not the technical person. I just really don't know if anyone would be interested enough to watch. We would have to charge something to pay for the bandwidth of streaming. Maybe if we sold a t-shirt or something in the form of payment. There are so many haunted houses in the southeast. If we could get permission, we could go to a different one every couple of weeks or so.


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              didn't a couple of years ago there was the ever popular "Dead-Cam"?
              A camera in a coffin with a corpse?
              Watch him decompose! Thrill a minute action!!???

              "What kind of worm is that?"

              People were watching.


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                We're not that sick! Did people really watch a corpse? We are advertising a $2,500 reward for the first person who can take a photo of a ghost in the house. They can take pictures from the robotic camera. They can't fix the photo though, because it has to march our archived footage. Will $2,500 make people want to take control of the cameras?


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                  RE: Cameras in haunted houses

                  I recall there was a now-defunct haunt in Tennessee called "Terror On the Square" that had a web cam showing group reactions during business hours...
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                  - Norman Bates