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Cameras in haunted houses

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  • Cameras in haunted houses

    My partner and I want to put cameras in haunted houses, but these cameras can be controlled by the viewer 24/7. They have night vision and audio. We can't afford the bandwidth for a lot of viewers so we would have to charge per viewer. We were thinking of $3.00 per 24 hour period. The cameras have a 360 degree turn and can go up and down with zoom also. Do you think anyone would pay to use the cameras? If so, how do we let people know about the cameras?

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    What might be infront of the camera, real ghosts or people getting screaming fits while going through the haunt?
    There is probably a market for both.
    Costs to get it all done?


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      No people, just an empty house. We have the equipment to do it and yes the equipment is expensive. We would have to go pay per view to make it pay for itself (not lose any money doing it) $3.00/24 hr period. Just don't know if anyone would be willing to pay. The only other thing to do would be to get sponsors, but that may be difficult as well.


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        24/7 web feed?

        I'm afraid the only people that would be intrested would demand you pay them $8.25 per hour to watch. They call themselves security. Unless something is happening. And somehow there was the word spread that things are happening.

        It would have to be orchestrated craziness like what werewolves do when no one is around or homeless people come into the haunt and take a nap? Then the web viewer calls the police and you end up on TV and everyone complaining or even writing out a citation?

        I have checked in on even free web cams before, never the right time and nothing happening and I'm glad I didn't pay for anything. If I was asked to pay something, the survey says forget it.

        So, something kosher must be routinely happening, for free that will bring you business and curiousity and not be used later as evidence in a criminal investigation.

        If you were certain that the web cam gets lots of visitors perhaps a few years down the line you could charge perhaps $9.99 per season? For $3 a day there better be good looking chicks or something (and I wouldn't pay for that either) so this is a very small percentage of the population that slobbers a lot and has no life, thus one weird veiwer per year. They only view when the public library is open.

        But, if something was indeed to happen every 10 minutes, little sketches, characters doing humorous things on a schedule of somesort, it would be like haunt TV which I think would be the goal.

        Charging by the season with a password and having only disclosed hours of activity might keep viewers watching. If it was a haunted house room with a scare, I'm not sure how many customers one would be willing to watch over and over? So there you get into multiple channels to view and something happening.

        It might be bad to be "broadcasting" that no one is going through the haunted house, it's a slow night and so on. There is no excitement there. Chances are you would see demands for refunds.

        So how much will such a thing cost?
        Where are you located?

        I'm thinking that even when the haunt is slow, the camera must have something going on all the time. So it's like, to spread word of mouth advertising, when people aren't going by the camera and you aren't scaring, you need to be doing something weird yet predescribed and suitable to all viewers for the camera. Maybe the camera is actually on the move or actually showing the previous days already determined acceptable to transmit feeds?

        For 10 million you could get Angelina Jolie? I love her.

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          Content for the camera lense problem easilly solved. Just place the camera in your rest room.
          A sound track of ghostly gruntings and water-splatterings would fill in as the ghosts get caught going poo-poo! The audio at least?
          Then there is a slight messed up visual feed and when the camera returns to duty the plumbing has been leaking and it's a small ocean in there now with Admiral Browning's Torpedo up-close and way too personal for the average viewer!
          Excitement abounds! (Or was that word excretement?)


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            Actually, these houses are real houses that are reported to be haunted. They have stories behind them. The houses are empty. The cameras are stationed in various rooms (the ones where people have reported seeing ghosts) People who pay will have access to the cameras 24/7 for a selected period of time. Nothing else is going on.


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              Will you be recording everything that happens infront of the camera?
              DVR units?
              Motion switched cameras?


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                It will all be archived, but no DVR or motion detectors. We do have 360 viewing and night vision and audio. In fact we are getting ready to put up cameras again in a supposedly "haunted house" next week. I'll let you know when we have them in.


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                  One problem I see, that any one camera can be controlled by only one person at at time.
                  Thanks, Jeff