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I am still alive!!!

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  • I am still alive!!!

    Sorry I have not been on the forum for awhile. I have some Internet issues at home so I am at the local library saying that I still have a pulse!!!

    Not sure when I will get the computer working again. I won't be haunting this fall, but plans are well underway for 2008.

    I am in the works at volunteering at a local haunt this fall, but I will keep you all posted!

    Talk to you all soon, I HOPE LOL!


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    I'm still alive too.

    But nobody really cares.

    I'm wondering what kind of kooties a computer at the public library would have? Maybe flesh eating viruses?

    Please report back when you can, if you have any tingling sensation?

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      Many eons ago I went to the library to get on-line. What a joke!
      Their "computer" didn't have enough horsepower to even look at simple haunt sites. Maybe it was a plot to inspire me to check a book there since the computer was so bogus.
      I think that computer's "Gig" was a long stick with a steel point on it also used for killing frogs at night.
      Well it kind of altered the frog's memory.