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Ghost palm prints on table illusion

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  • Ghost palm prints on table illusion

    Does anyone know of a way to do an illusion for a ghost palm print on the table that appears and vanishes? I am referring to a part of the movie "6th Sense" where they are in the kitchen and the sweaty hand print appears on the table and evaporates.

    I know this would be a subtle effect but I think it could one of those that the people that do see it will talk about it and get others that missed it to want to visit again to see it. - - - - - - - -

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    Use transparent UV paint.

    It's nearly invisible in normal light but turn on a overhead blacklight and it glows bright.

    It comes in a variety of colors (including red).

    You could go from plain room to blood-soaked nightmare with a flip of a switch.

    If you use guides, the handprint could also be subtly revealed by a UV LED flashlight.


    You could also invest in a Gobo projector and buy a custom "handprint" Gobo but the uv paint is much cheaper.

    Concealing a projector and keeping people out of the way can be difficult too.

    Good luck!
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      Much of my house is about "subtle-Tease".
      Of course this all goes out the window with October crowds, they often see nothing subtle and sure aren't looking for anything subtle then.
      My subtle-tease hopefully worm their way into their subconscious and create doubt or wonder that will fester there until they must return as the compulsion takes full bloom!