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  • LOcation

    Ok so I am looking for a location for 2008 now is there a website i go to to look or do i just look around how much should i spend how many sq feet should it be how much do you spend?

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    The price per sq ft is going to depend heavily on the area you live in and what type of location. For instance in San Antonio it could range from 6 to 35 per sq ft. Warehouse being the lowest and high end retail being the highest. Everything in the middle will be based on the exact location and how many people want it. Commercial space does not have an equivalent to for residential. You can subscribe to loopnet and that will help. The best way is to drive around in the area and find the signs and call.
    Greg Salyers
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      what we did was drive around the city and look for space for rent. As we were driving we drove past this house which seemed to by empty for years. I decided to go on the internet to see who owned it and found the name of a company. After one phone call and a 10 minute chart I had keys to my own two story house for FREE! Since they are a non-profit company we told them we could donate part of the profits to them even though they didnt ask for them. it took was 6 years to find our perfect location but we have it now! Just be persistant and DONT GIVE UP.

      good luck and happy hunting!

      Sean De Wane
      The De Wane Asylum


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        Dead End, good luck

        Welcome to my world bud. If you write down every location that you think would be perfect until you hit 100 locations. Cross off 99 of them and that is your statistics of success. I have been looking for 2 years and have fought with dozens of cities and talked to hundreds of property owners. And in this market, prepare to spend at least $80,000 to $120,000 for your location for a year. I know there are properties for both of us in this city but don't get discouraged. Do your math first and know how much you have to invest and then worry about the location according to your budget. Good Luck.

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          OK well ive already got my budget i just hope i can gain it back in the first year hahaha! THanks so much for all of the advice!