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Dark Rose Radio's Halloween Spooktacular Event

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  • Dark Rose Radio's Halloween Spooktacular Event

    Hi there,

    My name is DJ Melody, I run an independantly owned and operated internet radio station called Dark Rose Radio. For Halloween, we always do a yearly event we like to call The Halloween Spootacular.

    Most of the DJs on the station really get into it, however this year, there's one DJ who is getting very upset about playing halloween music, so we're trying to come up with other things she can do on the radio instead of playing halloween music.

    So when I came across this forum I thought you guys may have some ideas... your help is greatly appreciated!!
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    DJ Melody,

    You may want to begin this thread again on the (World Famous) section of the forum. That way, you'll get more visibility and possibly answers to your question.


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      I think that Empress had a good idea about you reposting ,but in answer to your question;
      What kind of Halloween music do you play?? Is it all "Monster Mash" and "Ghostbusters" or do you bring in songs like "Bad Moon Risin" and "Evil Woman"? How about some ghost stories or a Horror trivia contest.Maybe have your listeners call in and give their best Count Dracula impression ( Good name is Count Dracula ) or Michael Jackson singing "Thriller" or even just sing a line from their favorite Halloween tune.I'm sure a few local businesses would be happy to donate a burger or gift certificate that you could use as prizes.
      What about doing the whole show out in public,like from Walmart parking lot? All of you could dress up and have all kinds of fun!!
      Let us know what you decide to do and good luck!!