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Any Minnesota Twin Cities Haunters?

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  • Any Minnesota Twin Cities Haunters?

    Hey it's Mr. Haunt stopping in to say hi after a long period of missing out on the haunt forums! I have missed checking in and after wondering through the haunted mansion at the state fair, it got me thinking I have not done much to get myself ready for Halloween 2009!

    I am just wondering, who is a home haunter in Washington County MN? Might want to share some ideas.

    This year I am going to collect donations for the Animal Shelter, and I am hoping to expand on what I do for my yard haunt and make it into a little bit of a bigger event then just a displayed theme.

    I have done a few live actors, but I would like to change it up a bit and take it to the next level. I have some space to make it a larger type attraction with some wooded space I hope to use.

    If there is anyone who might like to become friends and help put something good on drop me a line!

    Mr. Haunt

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    Just some other food for thinking on, my theme that I use every year is a cemetery.

    I use many headstones that I have done up myself

    Three coffins, one I have made and can support a human actor. Possible 2 coffins can be used for actors, but the one is cardboard

    I incorperate the use of 3 foggers on is a ground fogger

    2 Strobe lights and one red or blue flahing light

    Sound effects

    3 stand alone monsters (not live- but could be) just need actors to do the trick. I have three other costumes to use for actors so I have enough for 6 monsters

    Lots of multi colored rope lights and extension cords

    I also use many small props like spiders and webbing.

    Last year was my best year I was able to use my cemetery wall collums and had flashing pumpkin heads on them.

    It was also my first year in a little while not doing any live actors, but I rigged up a costume on a tall standing fan that turned back and forth and the kids love that one, they could not figure out how it works, but it was SO SIMPLE!

    I know all the kids look forward to what I do every year and I only do it on Halloween. I have been doing this for about 8 years now and dont plan on stopping. I add a little more each year on a budget, so it has a new look.

    Mr. Haunt


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      Ok I am not board here and dont want to toot my own horn, but I have a great place to do a walking path haunt through my back yard along with a garden shed that might be able to use as a prop in some way. Not that wooded but enough for good effect.

      Mr. Haunt


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        Not in TC but in MN

        I work at the Field of Screams in Chisholm, MN.


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          Thanks for your reply!

          Mr. Haunt


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            Hello Mr Haunt

            I'm not a "professional" haunter, but have been putting on a yard haunt and changing themes for many years. Usually have between 500-1200 visitors on Halloween night. Have cleared more than 2000. Everything is word of mouth, because publicity also attracts thieves. I've had CNN out (they used footage of the yard during half time for games) and U of M students have done articles, etc. I'm in the twin cities not far from the state fairgrounds. Always willing to discuss Halloween. Never have time to visit anyone else's haunts though. I begin inside in September and outside the first of October. Happy Haunting!