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  • Hellavator for sale

    I have a Hellavator for sale, It is 5 feet deep, 8 feet wide 8 feet tall. I put ten people in there with out a problem. It has front automatic sliding doors with IR blockage sensors. Automatic swing wall, auto air cannon and lights. Power fail safety system and emergency stop equipment installed. There are 4 butt kickers on the walls and one on the base, powered with two butt kicker amps and one qsc amp for the background sounds. The whole system is powered by a guilder fluke mp3 50/40. All controls and air regulators are hosed in a steel gang box. The platform is constructed with wood and the walls are all steel framed and welded with plywood skins. The whole hellavator can easily be broken down and fit threw a standard door. For more info and pictures you can email me or call me. $12,000

    Thanks John

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    more available

    Sold.... I can build more if anyone is interested. You can customize it any way that you would like. The frame work is all steel, available with or without the automatic doors. Feel free to contact me for more info or pictures of built units.