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    This phenomenal and disturbing prop was made by boneyard bargains, modelled after the Distortions Unlimited Shake And Bake. The prop is very heavy because the chair frame is made of 4x4 sections of metal and diamond plate and is very rigid. The character is a flexible and has a single pneumatic cylinder inside that allows it to shake and jump violently. The chair is completely programmable with custom audio and your own sequence of movement. A fog machine in the back of the chair pipes fog through the chair so it appears that smoke is coming out when he is being "fried". The controller is a fright ideas Boo Box 4 so it is easily programmable within minutes. Finally there is also an AC power output that is controlled with the boo box, so you can attach external lights (like the orange emergency lights in the video) or a strobe light, to give the electricity like effect. Has built in speakers. A very flexible prop that is so realistic it will leave your guests with nightmares. Requires air compressor.

    Value new was $4500, asking $2500.

    Video: Electric Chair Video

    Fear Engineer