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Audio Board - High Quality Sound Output.

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  • Audio Board - High Quality Sound Output.

    I have some Audio Boards for sale. A friend and I designed these not to long ago. We wanted a higher quality sound then most boards offered as well as the ability to have a background loop playing. These boards have 4 trips, so you can have 4 different scares. We used these on props as well as for whole rooms. You can have creepy music playing in the background. when one of the trips is activated, that sound plays and then the audio board will return to the background sound. The boards also have optical and coaxial outputs. We are working on a new program that will allow the boards to play surround sound through the optical and coaxial output! You can see all the details and video at:
    I also have a limited amount we are selling for $70.00 to get some out there. Thanks, Chris
    Any feedback or ideas would be appreciated.

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    That's interesting.

    I would definitely be interested in an audio board that can play back 5.1 surround. I like using Virgil's 5.1 audio tracks, , but have only done so by using a dvd capable surround sound system before, or using 3 stereo sd sound cards.
    Brian Warner
    Owner of Evilusions
    Technical Director of Forsaken Haunted House
    Mechanical Designer (animatronics) at Gore Galore


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      Yes, very interesting. Brian, want to try these on our props this year?
      Brett Hays, Director
      Fear Fair


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        As soon as the surround software is working I will post. Thanks.